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The Oklahoma sod professionals at Green Acre Sod Farm provide the best grass in Oklahoma!
Our Oklahoma sod store(s) carry the highest quality Oklahoma bermuda sod, zoysia sod, and fescue sod in Oklahoma than any other Oklahoma sod farm.


Our Green Acre Sod Stores offer a variety of turf grasses – Bermuda, Zoysia, and Fescue. We can easily accommodate retail as well as commercial customers. We offer pick-up, delivery and professional installation. Products and delivery availability may vary by location — please check stores below for details.


Green Acre Sod Farm carries the best Oklahoma bermuda sod, zoysia sod, and fescue sod that you can find! Our Oklahoma sod stores have been providing the highest quality grass in Oklahoma?since 1972.

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Green Acre Sod Farm is committed to providing the highest quality landscape materials for creating a well-designed Tulsa landscape. A well-designed landscape provides a sense of calm, a sense of awe, and a sense of balance. A beautiful landscape can also improve the curb appeal and value to your home while inspiring others in your neighborhood to turn their home’s landscape into something unique.

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Providing the highest quality grass & sod in Okalahoma since 1972, Green Acre Sod Farm has over 18,000 acres to grow the highest quality Oklahoma grass and sod in production through different sod farms in Oklahoma. With sod stores in Tulsa, Owasso, Bartlesville, Claremore, Grove, Lawton, and Stillwater, homeowners and contractors have multiple locations to get the best Astro?bermuda sod, zoysia, and fescue sod in Oklahoma.

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Green Acre Sod Farm carries the best Oklahoma bermuda sod, zoysia sod, and fescue sod that you can find!
Our Oklahoma sod stores have been providing the highest quality grass in Oklahoma since 1972.

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4 varieties of cool grasses, warm grasses, cool/warm grass mix, and golf turf grass, and the many athletic fields in Oklahoma use our turf grass.

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Meyers zoysa is a beautiful warm season sod that will have your neighbors envious of your yard. This lush zoysa sod has a lush look and feel you’ll enjoy.

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Cool climate fescue will keep your yard green year round in shaded areas. Do you want a greener yard faster? This fescue is the perfect choice for homeowners that like a green lawn nearly all year.

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Oklahoma has the benefit of long outdoor seasons, and homeowners over the last few years have found many benefits to expanding their indoor living to the outdoors. Whether your outdoor living space is large or small, creating an inviting outdoor living area is about making the best of your surroundings and creating a personal paradise that adds value to your home and provides a space for your family and friends to enjoy for years to come. Green Acres specializes in transforming your boring backyard into a peaceful paradise!

Green Acre Sod and our knowledgeable team can provide you with fresh and exciting ideas, or help you construct the ideal backyard that you’ve been dreaming of for years. Just like our landscape designs, you have the choice to do a project in full or in phases, whichever your budget can accommodate.

Imagine your outdoor living space transformed into a unique stone patio, leading to an outdoor kitchen with stove and fireplace overlooking the sights and sounds of a beautiful water feature.

With three Oklahoma sod farms and eight Oklahoma sod stores, Green Acre can easily accommodate retail sod as well as commercial sod customers. Additionally, we offer pick-up, delivery and professional installation of all of our products.

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